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Hello! Thanks for dropping by. Here's a little about me...

Fraser's passion for photography started in a family darkroom as a child and 'developed' from there.

His work has seen him take to the skies in microlights and police helicopters, zip-slide across Scotland's longest river, motorbike through Europe, and enjoy the privilege of meeting some incredible people along the way.

As a keen biker and music enthusiast, he combines his passion for photography with the wider elements of life to bring the three Ps to every job - photography, professionalism and personality.

Professional Photographer

Fraser Band Photography uses the latest Sony digital camera equipment with a mouthwatering range of lenses. He also understands the importance of high quality post-processing as part of the world of digital photography.

After every shoot, each picture is worked on individually using the latest Apple Mac computer equipment and software to ensure it looks its absolute best.

There is no batch processing; care and attention goes into each job to ensure the highest quality result. Images can be supplied via secure high resolution download.

Commercial Photographer

Over 25 years experience in PR, Corporate, Marketing, PortraitFood, Interior and Event Photography.

Fraser specialises in corporate and editorial photography for promotions, branding, advertising, websites, PR - public relations, company literature and press.

As a professional photographer, Fraser turns his hand to the requirement of the job, whether it be sports and action, arts & music, food, design & interiors, portrait, industry, fashion or conferences.

Wow, everyone is going to want to work here once they see these!! Thank you very much indeed. These are BRILLIANT.

Catherine Robertson


These are fantastic! The warehouse ones especially look brilliant – it will be a struggle to narrow it down to which photos to use...

Sarah Duncan

Thought I would drop you a note to say that your photos have been very well received by everyone – “the best we have had” from the Director.

Evelyn Russell

Just had a sneak peek and am excited! Some cracking new images…. I know I say this each time but you really do take fantastic photos!

Jess Beattie